SOVREN announces 2021 SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics Friday, Jul 2 — Sunday, Jul 4, 2021 attendees at Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA 98042 (6085) > Attendees |

Attendee List

2021 SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics


Friday, Jul 2 — Sunday, Jul 4, 2021

Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA


This event is now a NON-SPECTATOR Event because of COVID-19

Groups maybe combined with another if entries are low.
Groups are still being determined. 

Being listed here does not mean your car has been accepte but we have recieved your entry.

If "NEW" listed, either:

  1. The registration was received in the last few days and the register hasn't processed the entry at this time.
  2. The car is under review by the Competition Committee. Drivers please make sure you have completed and submitted a Car Registration Form (CRF) 2019_SovrenCRF.pdf

Even though the entry may be "CONFIRMED" the class, car #, or group may change. 

If the car/driver appears at the bottom of the page  (not part of a group) a group hasn't been assigned.

GROUP 3 and 7 will be combined

PNWH20 - 5 Groups -REV 4b 6-28-20.pdf

No entries are listed - this may be because the organizer has disabled this feature or there are no registrations yet. List updated every 15 minutes.